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Why InterFAX?

For companies still relying heavily on faxing, nothing beats the enterprise security of InterFAX for optimizing workflow at a small business price


No phone lines, no maintenance or IT headaches. Send from any Internet-enabled device quickly and safely for less than the cost of paper faxing while remaining compliant with stringent industry regulations.


Stay secure with the only PCI-DSS certified cloud fax solution trusted by many industries. Automatically protect sensitive data while sending and receiving faxes in a completely secure environment.


No fax machine, server, or competitor can ensure no more downtime or delays.

No hardware, software licenses or maintenance of systems; green tech

Cloud-based means never having down time and faxing is not depending on local utilities

Can send from any computer or mobile device

Security and regulatory compliance - faxes are only seen by the intended recipient

Only get charged for the faxes sent with no limit to the number of faxes sent or received at one time

Requires physical line, hardware, ink, paper

No redundancy if machine breaks or local utilities go down

Must be physically present with fax in hand to send fax

Faxes can be seen by anyone near the machine until the intended recipient picks up

Charged fees for phone line and ability to fax; can only send/receive one fax at a time

Requires physical lines, hardware, dedicated software and maintenance

Limited reduncy if utilities are affected

Must be connected to the server network

Any server administrator can see any fax on the server

Charged a fee for the phone lines and ability to fax; limited to making one call per line at a time

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